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What am I paying for?

-Equipment                             -In Field Labor                          -Post Production Labor

-Prints/DVDs/Blu-Ray disks/Thumb Drives                     -Rent

Event Photography/Video

I can shoot many events from birthday parties to art shows.

CAUTION: I am under 21 so I cannot go into any bars or other inappropriate places.  

Photography: $50-250 per day (5 hours max)

Video: $50-400 per day

Sporting Events

Do you need video footage of a sporting event?

Want great phtotos of close races and fantastic goals?

you came to the right place...

Prices depend upon the type of sport.

Races=More Money        Field Sports=Less Money

Concert Video  

Are you performing and want to have your show recorded?

I can offer several camera setups which turn out amazing looking and sounding concerts. (For photography look above) 

1 camera set-up: $75 (stationary)

2 camera set-up: $150 (stationary, sliding dolly)

3 camera setup: $250 * ( stationary, sliding dolly, 1 hand held)

4 camera setup: $400  ( 2 sliding dollies, 2 hand held)

5 camera setup: $700  (2 sliding dollies, 2 hand held, 1 boom arm)

= Best look for price.

Music Videos 

Have a fantastic song that you want to promote on youtube? 

I can film and edit an exciting music video that will look great and gather followers! (I will not do any pre production work.)

$300-1000 per video

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Wedding Photography/Video 

Weddings within the San Francisco Bay Area.

I will rent up to one extra camera body.

(Includes all files, and 4 of your favorite prints)

(Includes a one hour video and a 5-10 minute video)  

Photography: $250-500 per day 

Video: $500-1250

Combo: $650-1500

Portrait Photography

I can shoot photos for your family or professional portraits for your business. 

(Includes all picture files and 3 prints)

$30-80 per day

Product Photography

I can shoot pictures of your products for top of the line advertisements. 

(Includes all files.)

With background: $50-100 per day

Without background (white) $100-150

For video look below.

Realty Videos

Are you a realator that needs video footage for a fantastic house?

We can make an eye catching house walk around that will certainly sell the house with in a matter of views!

$300-700 per house

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Photography Hire

If you need any particular picture for a movie, or slide show I will get it for you.

$20-150 per photograph

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I will shoot, and edit any documentary upon request. I will not work with any pre production planning.

20 minutes or under: $1000 and up

21-40 minutes: $1500 and up

41-60 minutes: $2000 and up

1-2 hours $5000 and up


Need to promote your business? I can make a phenomenal eye catching video or magazine ad for your company.

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Video:                                                                     Magazine:

Under 30 seconds $200-400                             One Page: $100-200

30-60 Seconds $300-500                                    Two Pages: $150-300

60-90 Seconds: $400-600

90-120 Seconds: $500-700

Prices do not include entry fee

Photography and Film Classes 

In a 3 session class I will teach you everything you need to know to take great photographs.* $15 per class per person (Point and shoots, and DSLRs only) 

In a 5 session class I will teach you how to make a successful video from preproduction to post production.* $20 per class per person (DSLRs, Camcorders, and videocameras only) 

*Both classes have an optional equipment rental. 

Don't See Something on Here? 

Do you need a service that is not seen here on this page? Then either e-mail us at: [email protected] or go to the Inquiry Form and send us a letter.  



"Rudi's photos are so well thought out. judging by his work it is hard to believe that he is only 14"   

- Kenyon Shutt, Mid Freq Audio


"Rudi does everything in his power to make all of his photos look amazing"

-Anonymous Professional Photographer